What should I wear to class?

Recommended clothing for pole class is comfortable workout clothes without snaps or zippers. Classes are low impact, so restrictive tops are not generally necessary. Shorts or capris are preferred, long pants will need to be rolled up. You may notice in pictures that some of our students wear shorts and sports bras. Advanced pole students use skin contact to grip the pole so they prefer to wear less clothing. You are always welcome to wear what you feel comfortable in!

No shoes required; pole classes are conducted barefoot, however you are welcome to wear heels to class. No street shoes, please! Please remember to avoid using all lotions within 24 hours of your pole class. Lotions and oils can cause the poles to be slippery and will affect your grip. Recommended clothing for Aerial Silks class is tight-fitting, stretchy, yoga-type clothing. Your armpits, waist and backs of the knees should be covered. Long hair should be tied back.

**No shoes, jewelry, zippers, or anything else that could damage the silks.

For safety reasons, you will not be able to participate if jewelry is not removed prior to class.

Do I have to lose weight before taking a pole or silks class?

Absolutely not! Most of our students joined Intrigue Fitness TO lose weight! We welcome and encourage women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and careers to join our community! We all start from the beginning and learn from the ground up and you will hear quite a few success stories from women who have lost weight and toned up from pole and/or silks alone.

I can't even do a push up, I don't think I can do any of those tricks I see.

The great thing about pole and silks is it's for everyone; never compare your beginning to someone's middle! Each of our classes include strength exercises to help build up your strength for the more advanced moves. In the mean time, have fun and enjoy the changes it makes to your mind and body!

Are Men Allowed?

At the moment, all classes are for women only. We may have classes or workshops that welcome men and they will be titled "Coed". Men are always welcome to contact us for a private lesson!

I can't dance, is pole for me?

Pole is for anyone who wants to have fun, gain confidence, get fit and feel sexy. There are no mirrors in our pole/silks studio so all that matters is how you feel!

What is the return and missed class policy?

Sessions, workshops and classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. A minimum number of participants is required for the class to run. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment, in which case full refunds will be given. A minimum of 2 hours advance notice must be given for missed classes. No shows will be charged as if they had attended class. Make-ups for advance notice cancellations must be pre-scheduled and done within the current session. Make-ups are subject to class availability as classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment or instructor availability. Refunds for missed classes will not be given.